Discover Our History

Since 1958, the Mississauga Canoe Club has been dedicated to helping athletes reach their goals and become champions on and off the water. With a long legacy of sprint canoe and kayak success, we’re proud of our roots.



Born in Toronto in 1921, Bert Oldershaw demonstrated an unparalleled passion for the sport of canoeing that began during a childhood spent paddling at the Toronto Island where he lived for 35 years.
Bert won national titles in canoe and kayak from 1939 to 1956. He competed in the Olympic Games for Canada in 1948 London, 1952 Helsinki and 1956 Melbourne. He retired from international racing at the age of 38.

Bert founded the Mississauga Canoe Club in 1957 on the banks of the Credit River. The Credit River was wide and long enough to accommodate Olympic training programs, said Oldershaw. He trained on the Credit River in the years before the 1956 Summer Olympic Games that were held in Melbourne, Australia. Bert had to break thin ice on the river to be able to train. His involvement significantly contributed to Canada becoming one of the top ten canoeing nations in the world.



The small seed sown by Oldershaw in 1957 grew into a paddling powerhouse. “Missy”, as the club is affectionately known to its members and fans, continues to dominate the Canadian paddling scene, having won a total of 18 club championship burgees between its first in 1966 and its most recent in 2005. The club also continues to develop top notch paddlers to represent Canada in international competitions and the Olympics.

Bert’s most important legacy in building the sport of canoeing, however, is evidenced through his family. He is the father of five children Dean, Reed, Scott, Lee and Lynn; all of whom have competed in canoe competitions at the highest levels and three of whom have represented Canada at the Olympic Games. Finally, his grandchildren are the third generations of Oldershaw athletes who have competed for Canada at the highest level.


Bert has certainly left a rich legacy in the Mississauga Canoe Club
and his memory will continue to have an influence on our great sport.