New to paddling? That’s OK!

We know that starting a new sport can sometimes be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get started! From providing all the necessary equipment to hands-on training from incredible coaches, we’re dedicated to helping everyone get off to a winning start! For an extra helping hand, we’ve provided you with some useful information! Check it out!

What Does it Mean?

Like all sports, canoe and kayak have its own terminology. There are always people around willing to answer questions, but some of the standard terms you will hear include the following:
Sprint racing — a competitive flatwater program for high performance athletes. Racing categories include single (C-1 or K-1); double (C-2 or K-2); four person (C-4 or K-4) and 15 person (War Canoe).
C = Canoe — Canoe requires athletes to paddle while on one knee (on a foam block) while in a lunge position. Athletes paddle on one side of the boat only.
K = Kayak Kayak athletes are seated with legs facing forward and feet controlling the rudder. Athletes use a double-bladed paddle.
WC = War Canoe — Athletes in this 15-person canoe are required to kneel and paddle on one side of the boat only, seven per side. War canoes are steered by a cox who stands at the rear of the boat. Different positions in the boat are referred to as the Stroker, who is at the front of the boat and sets the pace,  and the Engine room, which is in the middle of the boat and where the strongest paddlers are located.


What is a Regatta?

A Regatta is a full day/multiple day event of competitive races, held rain or shine. Races typically begin around 8:30 am and are scheduled to go to 4:30 pm. Races can be postponed or delayed in the event of lightning, and other delays often can happen. Racing schedules are typically available a day or two before a regatta, and can always be purchased at the food tent on the day of the event.
Athletes in the bantam age group and below usually race on Saturdays while those in older age brackets can race any day of the event. Athletes must ensure they have a singlet with the Club logo on it to wear for all of their races. Many athletes who plan to use a Club lifejacket during a regatta will bring them home after practice the night before, so they are sure they have everything they need to compete. Boats and paddles will be brought to the regatta using the Club truck and trailer. Athletes are expected to help load and unload the boats.
Most regattas have a food tent where you can buy food and light snacks such as muffins, burgers, hot dogs, water and other drinks. However, food may or may not always be readily available so remember to bring some healthy snacks and water to stay hydrated. Proper nutrition and hydration is very important for the health and safety of our athletes.
Bring lawn chairs, blankets and even small tents to make yourself comfortable. Join your fellow Missy athletes and parents to cheer our team on together. Don’t forget your binoculars and camera! Bring lots of sunscreen and extra dry clothes, and be prepared for changes in the weather.
Please try to arrive by the time your coach asks and check in with the coaches at least 45 minutes before your first race, so they know you are there and can properly organize the athletes for the days’ events. Please plan to stay until the end of the day as race schedules can change, delays can happen, and athletes need to help load the boats back onto the trailers for the trip home.
Officials will be at every regatta to judge the competition and ensure that the event runs smoothly. Results will usually be posted within hours of a race being held. Although officials try their best, it is not uncommon for races to fall behind for unexpected reasons as the day progresses.
Safety boat operators will be out on the water whenever a race is underway, to ensure the safety of all athletes, and to pull in those who tip and go into the water.
Regattas are run by volunteers. Please be patient. Better yet, please consider volunteering yourself. It’s a great way to learn more about the sport!

Still have questions?

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