Off-Site Program (Evan)

 Off-Site custom Training Program

Some MCC High Performance athletes attend college and/or university and/ or subsequently live away from both home and/ or the Canoe Club. In recognition of the athlete’s commitment to High Performance and to ensure our athletes are best serviced and provided for while away from regular training activity at the Club, MCC is offering this special programming option.
MCC’s High Performance coaches will work with our off-site athletes to generate training programs that are suitable for the training environments they are in while away. Prescribing strength and conditioning, running and swimming training routines are a few areas that our coaches will be helping off-site athletes. This program will also permit these athletes to re-join regular High Performance programing when they return home for seasonal school breaks..

This program was created specifically to allow College and University students the opportunity to continue high calibre training with Mississauga Canoe club coaches. 

For further information about the MCC Off-Site Program, contact the Head Coach, Kyle Jeffery by email



Program closed for Fall winter 2017

check back in Spring 2018
CostsVolunteer Requirements
Off-Site Training$175.00 + $22.75 (HST) = $197.751 commitments, bingo, club or divisional

*NSF fee $25, Program withdrawal fee $50, program fee non-refundable after one month.